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The Heart of SZ Entertainment

Three DJs with a vision of professional entertainment at affordable prices. Below are the biographies of what makes up SafeZone Entertainment. 

Aaron Archibald

DJ SafeZone

A drummer for many years, Aaron started his DJ career by accident. In 2005, as the head bouncer of a small town bar, he stepped in one Friday night when the DJ didn't show up. That turned into a two year residency at that bar, playing three nights a week. From there Aaron turned onto the Mobile DJ road. In his mobile career, over 300 weddings, over 100 corporate parties plus numerous miscellaneous events have been performed to perfection.  While any genre can be played expertly by Aaron, funky deep house is his preferred mixing zone. 

In 2017, Aaron was a Miller Soundclash semi-finalist competing against four others at the Venue nightclub in Vancouver. 

Chris Andrechuk

DJ Creedo

While Calgary is his hometown, Chris Andrechuk’s true home is under a spotlight in front of people, and has spent most of his life clamoring back onto the stage in as many forms as possible. Studying the performing arts since his youth, he joined the Suzirya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble in Calgary at age 15, performing at venues across Canada, the United States, Australia, and Ukraine. While completing his Bachelor of Arts in Drama, Stage Management and Sound Design at the University of Calgary, Chris shifted gears further into the Calgary arts and music community, playing bass for the hard rock band Nora’s Attic, and working as a sound technician for a variety of local theaters and shows, notably the Canadian Badlands Passion Play (2013), Comrades (2014), and Spring Awakening (2015). His professional DJ career was launched in 2013 when he joined the Alberta based Revolution Entertainment, later taking over as shop manager through to the end of the 2016 season with over 150 successful weddings and events under his belt. Chris is now in the North Vancouver area of BC and running SafeZone Entertainment operations for that area.

Jeff Jarvis 

DJ Red Dwarf

Jeff has been a DJ for about 4 years and feels it is the greatest and most rewarding job he has ever had.  He has done over 100 events including school dances, corporate parties and weddings. Jeff calls himself the Floyd Mayweather of weddings as he has a perfect record of knocking them out of the park. With a nearly encyclopedic memory for music, he is a DJ who loves to play all types of music, though he leans more towards remixes of top 40 songs, all genres of house music and old school hip hop. 

SZ Entertainment 2022
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